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iPod Repairs

Cell Doctor one of the most seasoned phone repair shops in town. Looking for some professional help for iPod repair? We can get you the most reliable iPod repair for all hardware/software damages. We offer affordable services for all iPod's with complete guarantee. We have nearby affirmed professionals to assist you with your iPod issues. We'll do everything conceivable to satisfy sure you're with the repair you get.
Whether you have a Classic, Touch, or Nano, we can deal with it and, by and large, we can give it back to you that day. We can fix most issues with on a scope of iPod models. Our experts replace your logic board, damaged hard drive, broken LED, earphone jack, and more in the shortest time within less price.


Fastest iPod LCD Repair and Replacement

iPod screens are probably the most striking feature of this amazing gadget. However, these LCD screens are also one of the most sensitive components of iPods. We give you the best repair and replacement of iPod LCD screens. We only use genuine OEM iPod parts for screen repairs, so you can be sure to get the best display. Get in touch with our customer service representatives today and get your iPod broken/damaged screen. LCD repair with most authentic doctors!

Home Button Repair and Replacement of Apple iPod

Your iPod might need a quick repair if your iPod home button isn’t responding or stuck. Over time the power button tends to get hard or stuck. Our doctors are well equipped to take care of all iPod home button repair or replacement in no time. Visit our shop and get your iPod fix today!

Water Damage Repair of Apple iPod

We know water damage is one of the most frequent breakages. If you have dropped off your iPod in water than there can be multiple issues to deal with. We highly recommend you not to place your water damaged iPod in the bag of rice or some other false popular hacks. Instead, get your iPod to an expert doctor!
You can get a free diagnosis for all iPod water damages at Cell Doctor. Get your water damaged iPod to us and we will repair/replace all malfunctioned components with original OEM parts.

iPod Power Button And Volume Button Repair and Replacement

Dropping your iPod does not always just leave your front glass/LCD as the victim- the back glass can shatter as well. If your iPod has been through the wringer and needs both front and back glass replacement, we have you covered.
iPod volume buttons can get stuck, fall off, or stop working altogether. If you cannot adjust your iPod volume at will, stop in today to get repaired by our team of dedicated professional doctors!

iPod Charging Port Repair and Replacement

iPod Charging ports can cease to respond for a number of reasons. If you’re unable to charge your iPod or your device isn’t connecting to the computer and iTunes, you probably need to repair/replace your iPod. Our expert doctors are fully equipped to repair/replace your malfunctioned iPod charging port with true OEM parts and covered under warranty. All our iPod charging port repairs/replacements are executed by trained and qualified cell doctors.

iPod Battery Replacement

Excessive charging can leave your battery drained with time. If your iPod battery isn’t holding the charge (normally a fully charged iPod battery can last about 12 hours of usage), or it’s not getting completely charge than you need an iPod battery replacement. We have a complete range of authentic OEM batteries for all iPod models. All our repairs are done by trained technicians and we ensure high-quality standards at all times. Contact us now and revivify your iPod battery life!

iPod Front Camera Repair and Replacement

Is your malfunctioned front camera can be frustrating – (we mean without a great iPod front camera how you can take exceptional selfies?). If you are getting spotty/linear images with your iPod front camera then perhaps you need an iPod front camera repair.
A broken/damaged lens may be the cause of noisy images. Our specifically trained iPod camera technicians can help you restore the crispiest results from your iPod. visit our Shop and revive your selfie camera today!

iPod Earpiece Repair

Not having an ear speaker is harmful to be able to use your iPod whether it is a fuzzy/crackling sound, a sound that fades in and out or no sound, we can help you out. Bring in your iPod today for ear speaker repair, and get back to using your iPod on the go!

iPod Microphone Repair and Replacement

Is your iPod microphone not working? This can affect phone conversations, voice control, and recordings; don’t wait another minute to have your iPod microphone repaired today!

iPod Back Camera Repair and Replacement

Are you getting blurry dull pictures from your iPod back camera? Perhaps, you have had a damaged/broken lens. Our highly expert professionals can repair/replace your iPod back camera lenses with genuine OEM parts. So, next time when you take pictures from your iPod make sure it is a vivacious one!

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iPod Repair Pricing

Fault/Repair Pricing
Screen (Digitizer+LCD) Please Call
front screen glass repair Please Call
Top Power switch Replacement Please Call
Mute/Volume Button Replacement Please Call
Home button Replacement Please Call
Charging Port Replacement Please Call
Microphone Replacement Please Call
Battery Replacement Please Call
Rear camera Replacement Please Call
Loud Speaker Repair Please Call
Light Sensor Flex Repair Please Call
Ear Speaker Replacement Please Call
Front camera Replacement Please Call
Proximity Sensor Please Call
Back housing Replacement Please Call
Software Issue/Data Recovery please call
mother board issue please call
Water Damage Repair “NO WARRANTY” Please Call
touch ic please call
housing dent repair Please Call

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Have you been searching for a trustworthy, reliable, and affordable phone repair service? Go Cell Doctor is the largest authorized mobile phone repair brand around Vancouver, Prince George, Burnaby, and Richmond. We specialize in conducting timely as well as high-quality repairs done by the highest possible level of workmanship.

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At Cell Doctor we keep ourselves busy by offering the quick repair and replacement services in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, and Prince George Canada. We understand the importance of cell phones in your daily lives, that is why our repair and replacement time starts as low as 15 minutes except water damage and chip repair depending on available parts. We are also offering same day cell phone repair and replacement services for most minor and major services...

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