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iPhone 8 Plus Repair

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Repair Price

iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement Generic


iPhone 8 Plus Screen Replacement Premium


*If your Apple iPhone 8 Plus has accidentally been dropped and has cracked front glass or LCD panel, lifting in the corners, non-responsive or has dead pixels/pink lines.

20 – 30 Minutes

1 – Year Warranty

Walk-in Welcome

 Geek Workshop Vancouver Screen Repair Service ensures that your Apple iPhone 8 Plus will be repaired using high quality parts (Generic or OEM – up to your choice) and seals, but cannot guarantee its dust and water resistance will remain after the repair. However, every single device goes through Geek Workshop performance test to make sure that your phone LCD is properly installed. For more info about difference between Generic and OEM LCD, kindly check our FAQ.

iPhone Xr LCD Repair and Replacement

iPhone screens are probably the most striking feature of this amazing gadget. However, these LCD screens are also one of the most sensitive components of iPhone Xr. Cell Doctor offer you warrantied repair and replacement of iPhone Xr LCD screens. We only use genuine OEM iPhone parts for screen repairs, so you can be sure to get the best display. Get in touch with our customer service representatives today and get your iPhone Xr broken / damaged screen LCD repair with most authentic technicians!

iPhone Xr Battery Replacement

Excessive charging can leave your battery drained with time. If your iPhone Xr battery isn’t holding the charge (normally a fully charged iPhone battery can last about 12 hours of usage), or it’s not getting completely charges than you need an iPhone battery replacement. We have the complete range of authentic OEM batteries for all iPhone models. All our repairs are done by trained technicians and we ensure high-quality standards at all times. Contact us now and revivify your iPhone battery life!

iPhone Xr Back Camera Repair and Replacement

Are you getting blurry dull pictures from your iPhone Xr back camera? Perhaps, you have had a damaged / broken lens. Our highly expert professionals can repair / replace your iPhone Xr back camera lenses with genuine OEM parts. So, next time when you take pictures from your iPhone make sure it is a vivacious one!

iPhone Xr Front Camera Repair and Replacement

Malfunctioned front camera can be frustrating – (we mean without a great iPhone front camera how you can take prodigious selfies ?). If you are getting spotty / linear images with your iPhone. iPhone Xr front camera then perhaps you need an iPhone front camera repair. A broken / damaged lens may be the cause of noisy images. Our specifically trained iPhone camera repair technicians can help you restore the crispiest results from your iPhone. Call us now or visit our Shop and revive your selfie camera today!

iPhone Xr Sim Card Reader Repair and Replacement

We at CellFixx repair your broken/malfunctioned SIM cards in no time. Just give us a visit to repair/replace your SIM cards.

iPhone Xr Repair Pricing

Fault/Repair Pricing
screen( digitizer+lcd) replacement please call
front screen glass repair please call
power button replacement please call
vol flex replacement please call
Charging Port Replacement please call
mic replacement please call
battery replacement please call
Rear Camera Replacement please call
loud speaker replacement please call
light sensor flex replacement please call
ear speaker replacement please call
front camera replacement please call
Proximity Sensor please call
back housing replacement please call
sim reader repair please call
sim tray please call
Software Issue/Data Recovery please call
mother board issue please call
water damage please call
touch ic please call
back light please call
rear camera lens please call

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Generic and OEM-Grade LCD used for my iPhone 8 Plus?

Apple iPhone original parts are not available on the market for anyone except for authorized Apple repair centers. As an independent repair shop, we use third party manufactured components for Apple iPhone repairs.
Geek Workshop offers two types of iPhone LCD screens:

  • Generic
  • OEM-Grade

Generic grade LCD is a factory manufactured copy of original Apple replacement screen. It is fully functional and compatible with Apple products. There is no difference at all regarding the touch functionality or responsiveness. Generic grade LCD, however, has one disadvantage – it has lower brightness and the colors are more saturated.

Original (OEM-Grade) LCD is a factory refurbished Apple iPhone (original one) screen, which means that the frame and the glass (the one above the polarizer and matrix) are replaced by a third party manufacturer. Screens that are offered as Original (OEM-Grade) have original Apple LCD panel and touchscreen digitizer including original apple connectors and flexes. Regardless the refurbished condition, this type of LCD is as bright and colorful as the original Apple LCD.

How long will it take to repair my iPhone 8 Plus?

We strive to repair your device as fast as possible, however, it really depends on what part of your device needs to be fixed.

LCD Replacement normally takes about 20 – 30 minutes, in some cases if the frame is bent – we’ll need a little bit more time to get it back to its original condition.

All other repairs including Battery, Sensor, Charge Port, Camera, Buttons, Speakers and Microphone will usually take about 20 – 35 minutes.

Software Repairs time varies and depends on what kind of issue you’re facing. Normally we take cell phones with software related problems for at least 1 hour, however if the issue is difficult (e.g. dead boot loader, corrupted EFS) – then we’d prefer to have your device for 24 hours.

Data Transfer/Backup will only take about 15-20 minutes but may extend if the volume of backed up data increases.

Liquid Damaged Recovery is a time consuming process, thus we usually take phones for at least one day – ultrasonic cleaning, corroded contacts and pins take a while to get cleaned up.

How do I know if my Apple iPhone 8 Plus battery needs replacing?

The lithium-ion battery installed in your device should operate for at least 500 charging cycles before you notice a decrease in capacity. At Geek Workshop we are able to test your phone’s battery and let you know its capacity as well as number of charging cycles. The common time to replace the battery is when its capacity is below 80%

Will I lose data on my Apple iPhone 8 Plus?

Absolutely no, you won’t lose any data if we perform regular repairs like screen repair or battery replacement.
Moreover, in case if you’re worried about the info on your device – we can make a full backup including apps, logs, texts and calls.

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